100W GaN Charger

Item No.: TC-100
GaN, 100W high-power, 4K resolution, Multi-port, Gigabit RJ45

It can be charged, expanded and plugged into the Ethernet cable

It is compatible with Swtich/mobile phone/tablet/notebook computer, and meets the requirements of charger+docking station+network transmission

For Switch to open the large screen game
The large screen can be expanded while Swtich is charging, and the large screen game is more convenient and fast

The gigabit network port is not blocked at high speed
The gigabit network interface supports 1000Mbps high-speed transmission, which is more stable than WiFi and faster for viewing/downloading

100W GaN fast charging black technology
Multi-port sharing, charging 3 devices at the same time, Swtich/computer/mobile phone/tablet, etc. can be charged

4K 60Hz HD resolution
HDMI interface supports 4K 60Hz picture output, with richer picture quality details

Two classic color switches match better
Red and blue color matching+black and white color matching

Multi-scenario applications to meet different needs
Switch: extended large screen+charger
Laptop: docking station+charger
Tablet: U disk reading+extended large screen
Mobile phone: extended large screen+charger