2-in-1 Wired + Wireless Display Dongle

Item No.: WFY0125G
Wired + Wireless Display Dongle, Wired More Stability/Wireless Freedom
Wired + Wireless
The two modes can be switched freely, the wired mode transmission is more stable, and the wireless mode is more free and unrestrained.
Product compatibility: IOS 6 or more, Android 4.2 or more, Mac 10.8 or more
Some Android audio is sent from mobile phones in cable mode

Free switching between two modes
One device meets two needs, saves money and is easy to use.

Wireless mode
Connect more simply, put your mobile content on the big screen, and watch the movie more smoothly.

External antenna signal stability
100 cm external antenna, can be placed at will according to your use status, the signal is more stable and the use is smoother.

Screen display
Large screen and mobile phone display different content, chat and chat play without delay, mobile phone lock screen can also play.
* Screen display is available only in part of APP in wireless mode

Wired mode
Connecting USB master port with mobile phone data line makes cable transmission more stable, so that you can easily dominate the whole venue.

2.4G+5G Dual Band
Using 2.4G+5G dual-band technology design, the transmission speed of picture/video has been significantly improved. Playing games and watching videos make the experience more pleasant.

Anti-jamming/high-speed, universal/easy-to-use

Big Screen Learning
Say goodbye to small screen, big screen learning is clearer, not eye-sore, learning progress is clear at a glance.

Office meetings
Cable + wireless design lets you not worry about network instability, mobile phone / tablet / computer, connected projector meeting clear demonstration