4K HDMI Cable

Item No.: HM05
"Cyberpunk style", 4K / 60Hz HD, 120Hz refresh rate
HDMI2.0 video cable to open 4K HD effect
4K high definition image quality | 3D cool visual effect | HDR support

Real 4K transmission, challenge your retina
HD signal conversion, resolution up to 4096 * 2160, presents a better color space, makes the picture quality details lifelike, and every detail can be clearly displayed.
Cool 3D visual effects, move the cinema home
Support 3D stereo imaging technology, vivid image restoration, take you experience the shock of the scene.
Connect the projector for easy conference presentation
Notebook connected to projector, good assistant for business office, used for business conference demonstration or training lecture.
Connect the game machine and play freely
Game machines such as ps5 / 4 and switch / Xbox are connected to the TV, so the large screen view is wider.
Dynamic HDR, clear light and dark
HDR is a high dynamic image technology, which is bright in the light, clear in the dark, and vivid in detail texture.

Anti oxidation gold plated interface, long used as new
It is resistant to oxidation and does not rust. It can be used as new for a long time