4K HDMI Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Kit

Item No.: WD1402A
Point to Point Display
Mirror and Extended 2 Modes
50m/165ft Transmission Distance

Easy to Use Point-to-Point Display
No setting, no driving, no APP and no network connection are required to cast the screen
HDMI & Type-C Versions are available
3 types of interface transmitters can be directly connected or transferred
4K HD resolution image quality is more exquisite
It supports 3840 * 2160 resolution and has more details than 1080P image quality, giving you a cinema like visual experience

Wireless transmission is not subject to "wire" system
Eliminate the trouble of wiring, save time and effort, and project the screen anytime and anywhere
5G smooth transmission with low latency
5G transmission protocol, stronger and more stable signal, playing games, watching TV, clear and smooth
50m wireless long-distance transmission
Large conference rooms and offices can be used remotely
Magnetic suction design for portable storage
The transmitter and receiver can be magnetically attached and easily loaded into the bag, which is convenient to carry

Multiple sending, receiving and one key free switching
Within the same range, multiple transmitting devices can be switched by one key without mutual interference and shared by multiple screens
2 modes to meet multiple demands
Mirror mode: large screen meeting to see details;
Extended mode: expand the screen, and conduct efficient meetings
Plug and play for easy connectivity
Plug the receiver into the TV/monitor transmitter, and plug in the computer/mobile phone/iPad to project the screen
Multi scenario applications meet different needs
Projected learning, easy online classes connecting projection/whiteboard, easy meetings, movie games, and larger screens