65W GaN Charger Dock

Item No.: TC-064L
Can charge and expand, has RJ45 interface;
Compatible with Switch/Phone/Tablet/Laptop;
Meet various needs of chargers, docking stations, and network transmission
Charging and Extended
Eliminating the original base makes the Switch more portable and convenient for large screen games

High Speed Gigabit Ethernet
Gigabit Ethernet port supports 1000Mbps high-speed transmission, which is more stable than WiFi and faster for viewing/downloading

4K 60Hz HD Resolution
HDMI interface supports 4K 60Hz image output with richer image quality and details

65W High-power Laptop can also be Fast Charged
Mobile phones, tablets, and laptops can all be quickly charged and can also be extended to USB drives, keyboards, mice, and more

GaN Low-temperature Fast Charging without Damaging the Device
Equipped with GaN gallium nitride black technology

Comes with a complimentary 65W full function cable
Safe charging, high-speed transmission, fast charging without falling behind