65W GaN Charger

Item No.: HB459
65W multi-function charger, both charger and docking station
Rich interfaces to meet various requirements
Detachable interface, charger and docking station

Charging+expansion, one deal
Charger+docking station combine into one, one thing for two purposes

65W gallium nitride, multi-port fast charging
Automatic shunting, fast charging without damaging the machine, compatible with mobile phones/tablets/notebooks/switches and other devices

Automatic power distribution
Dynamically meet the demand of fast charging

For Switch, open the big screen game
Switch charges while expanding the large screen, making the large screen game more convenient and fast

Extended mode, multi-scenario use
Connect mobile phones/tablets/computers and other devices to enter the expansion mode to realize the expansion function of USB and HDMI interfaces

4K 60Hz, HD resolution
HDMI interface supports 4K/60Hz picture output, with richer picture quality details

GaN gallium nitride, low temperature fast charging
Equipped with GaN black technology, high power, small size, low temperature and fast charging