8 in 1 USB-C Docking Station

Item No.: DK1701A
Screen Expansion | Dual Display | PD100W | 4K HD | Rich interfaces

Fully functional extension breaks away from interface limitations

Supports simultaneous use of multiple ports for expansion, online charging, and data transmission
100W PD fast charging
Supports the PD3.0 fast charging protocol to charge the computer while working/entertainment
5Gbps High speed transmission
USB-C and USB3.0 interfaces can connect multiple external devices with transmission speeds up to 5Gbps
Cinema level visual experience, supporting 4K/60Hz, with delicate and realistic image quality
8-in-1 interface
Rich and easy to use interfaces: PD power supply, gigabit network interface, USB-CUSB/3.0/2.0, etc
Mini body
Small and compact, does not take up space, and the overall size is smaller than that of a mobile phone
High quality shell for efficient heat dissipation
Made of aluminum alloy material, with excellent heat dissipation effect through anodizing process. The bottom and surrounding areas are equipped with heat dissipation mesh holes