Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver

Item No.: X3
Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver/Transmitter, Wireless Carrier, High Quality Audio Partner
High Quality Audio Companion
Dual Mode Receive + Transmit High Quality Bluetooth Chip Good Sound Quality Hand-free Call Two Devices Play Simultaneously

Free switching between receiving and transmitting
Receiving RX + transmitting TX signal as a whole, double signal one key switching is suitable for multi-devices.

Change to Bluetooth Speaker in Receive Mode
Say goodbye to cable bondage, traditional speakers change to Bluetooth sound seconds, music to share

Free and easy to wear
Use in fitness exercises, small and easy to accept, let the voice run freely
* Running Recommendation Buy Clip Version

Vehicle Easy to Connect in Receive Mode
Vehicle speakers change to Bluetooth speakers, wireless navigation / listening to music, safe driving, relieve driving fatigue

Change to Bluetooth Headset in Receive Mode
Wired headset connection device, into Bluetooth headset, wireless more comfortable

High-definition quality instant possession
Take a nap in the afternoon, lie on the sofa, isolate the disturbance and feel the quietness of the years.

TV Connection in Transmitting Mode
To solve the problem of wireless connection of TV to Bluetooth headset, the world outside the headset is still quiet and will not disturb family members.

Computer Connection in Transmitting Mode
Using computer AUX port to connect devices, desktop computers are no longer wired to operate more freely.

Sound reproduction is more true and pure
Aptx HD high definition decoding technology, intelligent noise reduction, reduce echo and noise, give you high definition quality, enter your own world
* The receiving mode does not support aptX LL

Connect two pairs of audio at the same time
One drag two functions, can connect two Bluetooth audio or Bluetooth headset at the same time

Stereo surround sound, more presence
In Transmitting mode, only CSR audio

TWS function
Receiving mode, two X3 are connected to two truthful speakers at the same time, creating ups and downs of stereo surround sound effect

Durable life of self-contained batteries
Built-in rechargeable lithium batteries, launch mode lasts about 8 hours, accept mode lasts about 4 hours, support while charging and using, without the worry of power failure