Bluetooth Receiver

Item No.: U3
Bluetooth 5.0 receiver; built-in bi-directional microphone; more convenient to use
Bluetooth audio cable
Wireless listening to songs / handsfree call / navigation broadcast

All the way to the car
The car audio changes to Bluetooth in seconds, wireless playback * after USB power supply, the blue light flashes; if the Bluetooth connection is successful, the indicator light goes out

More wireless audio connection
Connect the old audio, and the audio without Bluetooth function can also transmit the TV / mobile phone / tablet connection wirelessly

Hands free two way microphone
Bi-directional microphone, clearer handsfree call and safer driving
* hagibis U3 needs to be choosed from the mobile terminal when answering the phone

Navigation broadcast Bluetooth 5.0
Efficient transmission, automatic connection of mobile Bluetooth, more efficient transmission, clearer broadcast

Elaborate multiple upgrades
304 stainless steel, anti-skid texture, joint reinforcement

Simple operation and automatic connection
Turn on Bluetooth of mobile phone, search and connect hagibis-u3, and it will automatically connect back to mobile phone when it is used again

Better audio quality with gold-plated interface
Gold Plated interface, no fear of oxidation, better sound quality

Strong and durable woven body
Woven body, comfortable to handle, wear-resistant, not raising, strong and durable

Small and beautiful
Small shape, easy to carry, beautiful and generous