CAT8 Ethernet cable

Item No.: ENC01
10 Gigabit Network | 90 ° Rotation | 4 Directions Rotation | Stable Transmission
Mecha beast breaks the speed limit
Now to the future, you will only be faster than others

Light travels as fast as lightning
Up to 40Gbps, 2000MHz, large bandwidth, 10 Gigabit high speed

90 Degrees 4 Directions Rotation
Adapt to a variety of angles to meet the needs of the equipment in different occasions

Be able to bend and stretch without fear of "hitting the wall"
90 ° bending, easy to deal with small space

Bend and rotate as you wish
Arbitrary arrangement, make your network cable more obedient and orderly wiring

Winning the e-Competition at the starting line
Strong network speed, reduce operation delay, and win the competition at the beginning

Stable Internet access
Let the network speed faster, easy to deal with office / home and other network environment

Joint protection
Zinc alloy shell, increased shielding, reduced interference, more stable transmission; shrapnel protection, durable, more convenient to plug

Cable protection
High strength braided body + PVC protective layer, strong and durable, can effectively protect the core from damage caused by external stress

Core protection
Multi layer shielding, pure copper core, double-layer aluminum foil protection, more shielding, enjoy high-speed Internet experience

Passed the Fluke test
High standard machine-made wire, non-manual wiring, passed the Fluke and Wilke tests, complying with ANSI/TIA-568.2-D-2018 network standard