Cat8 Ethernet Cable

Item No.: ENC02
40Gbps transmission  2000MHz total bandwidth    Light speed transmission

40Gbps rate, as fast as lightning
Up to 40Gbps rate, 2000MHz large bandwidth, 10G high speed

2000MHz bandwidth, optical network speed
The transmission is faster and stronger, and it can easily cope with various application scenarios such as office, video, file download, etc

E-sports competitions, win faster
Surging and strong Internet speed, reducing operation delay

Stable Internet access, unimpeded
Easily cope with network environments such as office/home use and give full play to the performance of 10 Gigabit networks

Metal shell, one more layer of shielding
Reduce transmission loss, faster and more stable network speed

Multi-layer shielding, more anti-interference
26AWG thick copper core, low impedance and low loss; multi-layer shielding, resist interference, faster transmission, and enjoy high-speed network

Tough shrapnel, easy to plug and unplug
It is easy to press, resistant to plugging and unplugging, and the shrapnel will not be loose or jammed

Resistant to bending, not easy to break
Soft elastic PVC, one-piece molding process, thicker wire diameter, longer use

Pass the fluke test
It complies with the ANSI/TIA-568.2-D-2018 network standard, has passed the Fluke test, and has stable performance.

Applicable scene demonstration
It is suitable for places with high network speed requirements, such as engineering wiring, live broadcast, network competitions, office, home...