Cleaning Gel

Clean corner / sticky / disinfectant / Swiss formula / natural ingredients / reuse
Multifunctional cleaning gel
Cleaning dead corner / viscosity enhancement / disinfection and bacteriostasis / Swiss formula / natural ingredients / reuse

Swiss patent formula
After ten years of research and testing, cyber clean was officially launched in 2007. It has a number of patents (European patent number, US patent number), which has not been cracked. This is also the difference of cyber clean.

Major upgrade in 2020
Based on years of technology accumulation, user accumulation and data accumulation, Cyber Clean has made significant upgrading and launched clean gel to bring you a completely new experience.

The effect of sterilization and bacteriostasis was strengthened
Clean at the same time kill bacteria, safe and healthy lifestyle, reduce virus and bacterial infection.

Clean sterilization, effectively inhibit microorganisms
After testing, it has good inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, making the equipment cleaner and healthy.

The adhesive force is strengthened, and the equipment is renewed
Small white glue, with stronger adhesion, goes deep into the gap and cleans the dust, oil stain and debris that are hard to find.

Press and pull, dust can't get in or out
Press and squeeze into the gap with your hand to deal with the empty dust. Pull it and stick it out to keep the car clean and tidy.

It can be used everywhere in many occasions
It is suitable for the hard to clean gaps such as keyboard, mouse, steering wheel and air conditioner outlet.

Rub it before use
Due to the increased stickiness, it is recommended to wash hands first, keep palms dry and clean, and knead hands for about 30 seconds before use, so as to adapt to the pH value of your skin, and increase the stickiness and toughness.

It can be reused for many times
After use, keep it in a cool and sealed place until it turns dark gray. It needs to be replaced.