Desk Mobile Phone Holder

Item No.: MH1
Desktop combination stand
Get rid of complexity and keep the desktop in order
The simple white design leads to the aesthetic feeling worthy of careful taste. It is the place where the mobile phone / Apple watch lives, and it is also the embellishment of the beauty of the office desk, so that you can always keep a good mood.

It's easier to pursue drama from a reasonable perspective
Open a new comfortable posture to pursue drama / online class at home. With a reasonable perspective, the burden of shoulder and neck can be relieved. It is easier and more comfortable to pursue drama or online class.

Hidden take-up line to solve the problem of power failure at any time
Hidden line body, clean desktop, easy charging, no need to move the location of the mobile phone, does not affect the play experience.

It looks good everywhere and is tailored for Iwatch / airpods
The charging bracket specially designed for your apple watch / airpods can store and charge in one go, and it's a landscape everywhere.

Close to the water hole, protect a fresh life
The bottom filter hole is designed to prevent the root rot caused by excessive watering and create a comfortable growth environment for small green plants.