Display Stand + USB-C Hub

Item No.: MR101
Line of sight elevation; Multi-port expansion; Flexible splitting; Space storage
Hold up a new vision, comfortable angle
Raise the monitor, lift the screen to the level with the natural line of sight, better line of sight angle, healthy office, conducive to inspiration.
It is equipped with USB-C dock and can be used separately
The display stand + USB-C docking station is 2 in 1, which is more powerful, and the docking station and the increasing shelf can be separated and used flexibly.

Ten interfaces to solve office anxiety
10 in 1 docking station can meet the needs of multiple devices and solve all kinds of office troubles.
Cable management and design, wire rod no longer messy
The reasonable wire slot at the bottom of the bracket can make the wire no longer disorderly and bring clean tabletop.

Release desktop space, three-dimensional expansion
Increase the three-dimensional space of desktop, whether it is keyboard, mobile phone or notebook, can be placed under the bracket.
Small body, high energy and super load bearing
The bracket is made of 5mm thick and high-quality alloy, with a bearing capacity of 10kg, which is stable and does not deform.
Solid materials
Aluminum alloy material, fine sand blasting, bottom pad with high-quality silica gel, anti-skid, more stable.