Dual USB C Docking Station

Item No.: UC2402
13 in 1, Dual USB C, 4K Triple Display
Dual USB C 4K Triple Display
13 in 1 USB C Docking Station

Triple Display for Windows
When you have two hosts with Windows system, the docking station supports up to triple display on external monitors. USB-C A expand to HDMI A monitor. USB-C B can expand to HDMI B and DisplayPort.

Triple Display for Mac OS
For Mac OS host with dual type c ports, connect up to 3 monitors: HDMI A + HDMI B + DisplayPort. It supports Triple Display for Mac OS: HDMI A + (HDMI B + DisplayPort) + HOST, and ( HDMI B + DisplayPort) only have the same display.

4K/60Hz,HDMI Ultra HD Video Out
Support 4K resolution and 60Hz picture output, clearer and smoother

Using While Charging
PD3.0 protocol supports 100W high power fast charging

Gigabyte RJ45
Wired connection is more stable, connecting gigabit network, office / game / view free and unimpeded.

SD/TF Card Reader
Read and write speed up to 5Gbps, high-speed transmission saves your time
4 USB 3.0
Up to 5Gbps, Supports data transfer and fast charging

Alloy Material

Efficient heat dissipation, surface sandblasting process, delicate touch