Foldable phone Stand

Item No.: ZZ1
Mobile phone folding stand, double shaft design, strong support

Foldable phone holder
Add wonderful to your desktop, the angle and height can be adjusted

foldable storage
Can be used on mobile phones and tablets

Three colors optional
Diverse color options: white/pink/blue

Lightweight and foldable
The weight is only 180g, and it does not take up space after being folded, so it is easy to carry

Unobstructed, giving you a complete field of vision
The bracket is designed to fit the edge of the screen and will not block the phone screen

Height and angle can be adjusted freely
You can adjust to the most suitable angle and height for chasing drama and learning

Switch games are more enjoyable
Large support feet, Switch can also be supported stably

Small body, big energy
Both mobile phones and tablets can support, compatible with mainstream size mobile phones and tablets on the market

Double shaft design, strong support angle more
The angle of the double shafts can be adjusted, and the screws at both ends are locked with the fixing ring and nylon gasket to make the shaft more stable
Use while charging, reserve charging port
Use your phone while charging, long battery life

Weighted base, stable and reliable
The bottom is equipped with a heavy block structure, which is stable and does not fall over