GaN Charger for Switch

Item No.: TC-064

3 in 1 charging and expansion
Compatible with mobile phone / tablet / switch / laptop to meet the dual needs of device charging + expansion

Dock and Charger For Switch
Small size, easy to carry

Open TV mode, big screen games are happier
At the same time, charge and expand the large screen, turn on the TV mode, and the large screen game will be happier

Dock and Charger For MacBook
HDMI interface and USB interface can be extended to the notebook to connect large screen, keyboard, mouse, USB flash disk and other devices

Dock and Charger For iPad
iPad Pro reads USB flash disk and connects to large screen, making office more efficient

Dock and Charger For phone
With a broad perspective experience, the large screen is more enjoyable

Smaller and more portable
Gan black technology blessings, concentrating powerful power in exquisite. Within the volume, compared with the original charger, the area is reduced by 49%!

Equipped with USB 3.1 Gen2 Cable
60W high power, safe charging, efficient transmission, fast experience you can't imagine