USB Charger

Item No.: C023-1
Return to classic, single port fast charging; 2.1A high current; For Apple and Android
Return to classic single port quick charge
Apple / Android universal

2.1a large current, fast charging will not be done
Support 2.1a high current charging, faster and more worry free! Compared with 1A charger, the charging time is reduced by half.

do not hurt the machine, it will be meaningful soon
Built in intelligent fast charging chip, automatic identification equipment, safety current regulation, charging without machine damage. Don't hurt the machine, "fast" makes sense.

iPad can also be charged
Compatible with iPad / iPad pro and other tablets. 2.1a high current, no waiting for charging
intimate charging partner details are uncompromising
The shell is made of fireproof PC material, safe and durable; the appearance is simple and fashionable with matte technology; the side is added with antiskid design, details are grasped, and the intimate charging partner is

Apple / Android / type-C can charge
Powerful compatibility, breaking the dimension wall! Compatible with apple / Android, suitable for most smart devices on the market. More devices, one charger can do it!

compatible devices
Take one with you when you travel with multiple devices

Apple Family
Full support for iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro can be matched with apple data cable or type-C data cable as required <

Android series
Most Android computers on the market can be matched with type-C data lines or other Android data lines as required

6-fold safety protection
Take the initiative to filter the danger for you, multiple protection, and more secure use

black and white options
Black and white, classic and versatile