HDMI Male to Male Extension Cable

HDMI 2.0 lossless signal transmission supports 4K HD transmission
HDMI Version 2.0 Lossless Signal Transmission
Transmission bandwidth up to 15Gbps, avoid frame dropping, compatible with version 2.0 and below, suitable for various standard HDMI interface devices

Supporting 4K HD transmission challenges your retina
High-definition signal conversion, resolution up to 4096*2016, presents a better color space, so that the details of the quality of the picture lifelike, every detail can be clearly displayed.

Supporting HDR to restore the real world
Restoring detail expressiveness can better reflect the visual effect of the real environment. More dynamic range and image details, more clear image hierarchy.

Synchronized transmission of audio and video
Digital audio and video interface technology, audio and video synchronous transmission, without the need to connect the audio line alone.

Shock 3D Vision
Supporting 3-D video, moving 3-D movies to large screens and enjoying a cinema-like visual feast at home
* Display device needed to support 3D function

Mirror mode large screen connection more exciting
The laptop is connected to a TV/projector. The two screens display the same picture. They watch movies, play games or give speeches at conferences on a large screen.

Extended Chat Chat and Chat without Delay
Multitask split-screen display, while chatting, while expanding the film to television viewing, do not switch windows back and forth, do not have to worry about chat information will be displayed on the large screen to reveal privacy, chat chat chat drama two do not delay.

Easy Demonstration of Connecting Projector Conference
Laptop connected projector, good assistant for business office, used for business conference demonstration or training teaching lectures.

Game Interactive
Living room games, entertainment, large screen interaction is more enjoyable, such as PS3/4 TV connection, family interaction is more exciting!

Real "core" and good cable
Pure copper conductor, standard HDMI circular 19 core scheme, ensure smooth transmission of audio and video. Aluminum foil + ground wire + metal network, three layers of shielding, to ensure the signal transmission without damage, reject external interference to the conductor transmission signal.

Plug-and-pull resistance and rust-free
The interface gold plating process prevents interface oxidation and prolongs plug plug plug life. It can not only withstand ten thousand plugs, but also ensure signal loss.