HDMI to VGA Cable

Item No.: HVC02
Convert and output the HDMI interface of computer, PS, HD box and other devices to the display, projector and other devices with VGA interface
Enjoy 1080p HD large screen experience
Support 1080p high-definition video signal transmission, smooth picture quality without frame dropping

Laptop connected to TV
Large screen viewing gives you a better visual experience

Laptop connection projector
Good assistant in business office, easy to speak in office meeting

Monitor connected to set top box
Change into network TV, the display also experience the effect of watching movies, and the network drama chase is easier

Audio and video synchronization
Independent audio output, external speaker, audio and video synchronous play

Dual mode
Same screen / extended dual experience, copy mode - same screen display

Large screen viewing / playing games more clearly
Expansion mode - split screen operation, office and entertainment

More stable independent power supply
Solve the problems of ghosting and flashing caused by insufficient power supply