Laptop Vertical Stand

Item No.: ZLS01
Gravity clamping, stable once placed
Easy to release, automatic clamping
No need to adjust, gravity falls to drive both sides to be automatically clamped

Ventilation and heat dissipation, let the laptop breathe freely
Does not block the air outlet, the bottom is raised to enhance air circulation, and quickly dissipate heat, avoiding long-term overheating and causing stalls and crashes

Just put it away, the laptop becomes the host in seconds
Easily store and enhance the space usage of the desktop, the desktop connected to the monitor can be changed into the host in seconds

Multi-faceted silicone, more stable and more protective
The notebook does not slide to protect the notebook from scratches

All aluminum alloy, stable support
Fine sandblasting, wear-resistant and rust-proof, coexistence of texture and beauty

332g real material, more stable
Aluminum alloy vertical support, stable and not toppling

Applicable to equipment with a thickness of 35mm or less
Vertical storage, wide compatibility, suitable for thin and thick equipment