Magnetic Fast Charging Cable

Item No.: FAC01
One hand connection, one touch to charge; Apple, Android, USB-C strong magnetic connector
Blade. Magnetic fast charging cable
One hand connection, one touch charging

One hand blind insertion and automatic adsorption
Strong magnetic suction, close to automatic adsorption, one touch charging

Safe driving single hand charging
It can be charged with one hand, and the safe power is the same when driving

3A high current
Charge fast to better use, the current is larger than the traditional magnetic cable

Transmission and charging
Data transmission and charging can be carried out at the same time, efficient and stable

The braided cable is used for a long time
Nylon thread, no break, no knot, no thread out

LED soft indicator
Soft light, so that you can always find the data cable in the dark

Zinc alloy housing
Strong, durable, good texture