Magnetic Full Function Cable

Item No.: CX01
Magnetic full function cable/True liquid silicone
40Gbps 240W  8K/60Hz
Magnetic suction without plugging and unplugging, charging at the touch of a button.
Magnetic interface design, close to the automatic adsorption charging to reduce the phone interface plugging and unplugging, reduce the damage to the phone.

Dual Magnetic Adsorption    Not Easy to Detach
Strong adsorption is not easy to loosen, stable adsorption of charging devices to avoid accidentally falling off the device caused by damage.

240W Fast Charging   PD3.1 Standard
Support 48V/5A PD3.1 charging, backward compatible with PD3.0/PD2.0.

8K/60Hz    HD video transmission
Supports DisplayPort (DP for short) protocol for mobile phones/computers/game consoles and other devices for HD video transmission.

40Gbps Data Transfer    Transfer Large Files in Seconds
Transmission speed up to 40Gbps, easy transmission without waiting, to meet the needs of high-performance devices.

Intelligent Chip Fast Charging
Equipped with E-Marker chip, intelligent recognition of fast-charging devices to reasonably control the current and voltage changes, safe fast charging.

Skin-friendly and smooth, one-second rebound
Liquid silicone material, flexible and Q-bouncy, not tangled, not easy to knot.

Elbow design Game does not block the hand
90° elbow design, operation without obstruction to give you a more comfortable grip.