Magnetic Portable Laptop Stand

Item No.: JD03MK
Good helper for heat dissipation.
Neodymium magnet, close to automatic adsorption. Tilted convection design, through reasonable calculation of the angle, increase the air circulation at the bottom of the notebook,
effectively improve the airflow.


Physical cooling, simple and efficient
The slanting convection design, through a reasonable calculation of the angle, increases the air circulation at the bottom of the notebook, effectively improving the airflow, making the heat dissipation more effective.

Scientific perspective
The foot pad will heighten the notebook to meet your line of sight, easy to type and operate. The foot pad is ergonomically designed to keep the notebook frame at an appropriate angle, allowing you to maintain a more comfortable sitting position and relieve fatigue.

Magnetic design, convenient storage
The neodymium magnets are light in weight and large in magnetic flux. They are automatically adsorbed when they are close to each other,  saving space and not losing one of them. Small and portable, it's easy to put in your pocket or shoulder bag.

Upper and lower silicone, stable and non-slip
The soft silicone material on the top and bottom protects the body from metal friction. The silicone part that comes into contact with the desktop firmly grasps the tabletop and stabilizes the support to prevent the computer from sliding.

Alloy material sandblasting process
The one-piece aluminum alloy shell has a fine sandblasting surface and an anodizing process. The color is soft and the touch is comfortable, which makes the notebook or iPad elegantly set off.