Male to Male VGA Cable

3+9 Wire Core, VGA High Definition Video Cable, One Cable Opens Large Screen High Definition Vision
Anti-jamming of double magnetic rings
Line body is equipped with double magnetic rings to prevent the influence of electromagnetic field and to strengthen the isolation of signal interference.
3+9 Core Stable Flashless Screen
High purity copper core design, standard 3 + 9 core, signal transmission without hindrance, clear picture quality without flash screen

Gold-plated interface does not rust
High-quality gold-plated interface, plug-and-pull resistance, no rust, more smooth signal transmission

The picture is vivid
Supporting 1080P resolution, clean and delicate picture, high definition without discount

Suitable for many VGA devices
It is suitable for output devices with VGA, connecting computers, monitors, projectors, etc. to achieve high-definition display.

Mirror mode
Big screen connection is more wonderful
Two screens display the same picture, big screen to watch movies, play games or conference speeches, the picture is clearly presented.

Extension mode
Chat and play are both right
Multitask split-screen display, while chatting via micro-mail, expanding the film to TV viewing, without switching windows back and forth, and without worrying that chat information will be displayed on the large screen, revealing privacy

High toughness and bending resistance
The outer shell of the thread body is made of PVC environmental protection material, which has good flexibility, tensile cracking resistance and durability.