Modular USB-C Hub

Item No.: UC50
Composite Module, Random Change, New Expansion Experience for MacBook Pro
Module Design Breaking Traditional Arbitrary Combination
USB-C Hub with network ports, TF/SD card slots and USB interface can be separated modules, when necessary, any combination. Type-C interface at both ends can be used for data expansion, and innovative design meets the expansion requirements of MacBook Pro.

Amazing transmission capacity
Thunderbolt, powerful and widely used, integrates data transmission, charging and video output functions, data throughput can reach 40Gb/s, to meet your speed needs.

100W Current Powers Equipment Source
Thunderbolt 3 power transmission function, can provide up to 100W of current, work at the same time can charge your MacBook, speed is not discounted

Thunderbolt 3 output 8K picture immersed in the scene
Thunderbolt 3 interface supports 8K or 4K screen output. Video and image signals are transmitted clearly and steadily, showing impressive color accuracy and smooth color order, creating a lifelike picture.

HDMI Interface Easily Connects Large Screen TV
HDMI interface connects the large screen, supports 4K video, ensures the highly stable transmission of video and image signals, and the picture is fluent without frame dropping or jamming.

Gigabit ports easily connect to wired networks
Free removable Gigabit ports and flexible interface design have changed the thickness and volume of traditional ports. Bandwidth can support 1000Mbps, faster and more stable network speed, enjoy high-definition video and audio, play games without dropping off the line.

Three USB 3.0 interfaces keep one device connected
Three standard USB 3.0 interfaces can connect U disk and mouse. Keyboard and other USB devices to meet the needs of daily equipment. Transfer rate up to 5 Gbps, transfer all kinds of large files in seconds, improve office efficiency.

High Read Card Function can be read at the same time
Free combination of detachable card reading function, SD/TF dual card slot, support mobile memory card, camera card, read at the same time, large file easy transmission, enjoy the pleasure of high-speed transmission.
Mobile phones can also read cards directly.

Alloy material and MacBook Pro complement each other
Metal texture, efficient heat dissipation, exquisite surface sandblasting treatment, soft color and simple style, function and aesthetics, complement each other with your MacBook Pro.

Equipped with handbag, easy to accept and portable
Equipped with multi-functional storage package, the modular dock can be accessed easily and easily carried. It can also place small items such as headphones/data lines/chargers to prevent winding and keep in good order.

Close fit as one
The dual USB-C hub is closely connected with MacBook Pro, with a stronger interface, no shaking problem and more stable peripheral operation.