Multi-function Keyboard Brush

Three Cleaning Ways Design to Keep Equipment Surface Clean
Dust removal brush
Three kinds of cleaning methods are designed to keep the surface of the equipment clean and clean

Separate double-ended design
Double-head concealed design, two kinds of crevice cleaning head, make dust nowhere to hide prominently different

Soft brush does not hurt keyboard
Special selection of soft and hard nylon brush, three-row design arrangement of pore strength, good elasticity, straight and tight, more labor-saving friction

A clean brush is a good brush
Optimum brush material, strong decontamination, long-term use, dry and not easy to deform, longer life

Dual-ended switching at will
Double ends can be switched according to different needs, keyboard cracks are easy to accumulate dirt, crack cleaning head can penetrate into cracks, disintegrate dirt.

Easy to handle all kinds of keyboards
Two kinds of pens, many uses, deep cleaning every corner of the keyboard so that dust can not hide anywhere.

Easy and labor-saving key pulling
It is recommended to pull the key button, change the key cap no longer laborious, remove the key cap cleaner and more thoroughly.

Embedded silicone handle
We don't want to miss even the smallest details. The embedded silicone gel has better tactile, more delicate products, cleaner and more labor-saving.