Wireless Display Transmitter with USB-C Hub

Item No.: WLD05G
Hicast (enterprise level); Display Dongle & USB-C Hub; Operation free; Plug and play; No need to drive or setup
New style fashion display dongle
No network, no software, no setup, no drive, connection and screen projection
Plug and play business office connection is available
Push the content on the mobile phone / tablet / computer to the large screen display device by wireless way, and enjoy the shocking vision brought by the large screen
HDMI + VGA dual screen output
HDMI, VGA and audio ports are available in various options, which can be output at the same time or separately through free connection
Not only can cast, extended mode be used better
The same content is displayed on two screens in the cast mode, and different content is displayed on large screen and small screen in the extended mode, making the operation more convenient
Support tablet / mobile viewing / convenient office
Support Huawei and other USB-C interface mobile phones / tablets, and use Apple's 18 / 20 iPad Pro
Privacy mode one click disconnect / reconnect
Click to disconnect / reconnect. You can better protect your privacy during the meeting or class
Direct connection without network
Mobile phone is connected with screen projector, large screen game, low delay and smoother. Bluetooth connection to game controller, mobile phone second to game console
Support USB 3.0 interface of keyboard / mouse
Connect keyboard / mouse for more efficient mobile office
Mobile phone changes computer HUAWEI computer mode / DEX/ Hammer TNT
The second of mobile phone changes to computer host, the display and mobile phone display different contents, and the large screen viewing does not affect the operation of mobile phone
The gospel of TF / SD card slot camera party
Fast reading and writing camera / dash cam memory card, reading speed 50 ~ 104m / s, writing speed 30 ~ 40m / S
SRRC certified safer to use
Through the National Radio safety certification, the radiation is lower and the family can use it more safely