200W GaN Charger

Item No.: PD-085PT
Digital Display
5 ports safe independent fast charging

Smart digital display fast charging visible

Paired with an LCD digital display screen, real-time display of voltage, current, and power, clear charging status at a glance

Intelligent allocation of fast charging power for all 5 ports
Intelligent adaptive device charging power, voltage, and current, with three C ports dynamically adjusted and continuously connected

Multi device fast charging for your desktop charging station
Satisfy your charging needs at once, with clean outgoing lines and efficient office work

Both computers charge 100W at the same time
200W total output, PD3.0 protocol single port can reach 100W, fast charging, efficient and time-saving

GaN gallium nitride low-temperature fast charging without damaging the machine
Equipped with GaN gallium nitride black technology, low-temperature fast charging, charging without damaging the device

Paired with a storage base for stability and stability
The storage base design protects the charger while also storing small items