Steam Deck Dock

Item No.: HB09 Pro
100W Fast Charging
4K/60Hz HD
1000Mbps RH45
Hidden Cable Collection

Playing games on a 4K large screen

Enable 4K screen projection and enjoy high-definition and smooth viewing 4K@60Hz Experience, realistically restore details, and immerse yourself more when playing games

Hidden thread body, beautiful and portable
The main cable and body are combined into one, making it easy to take and close, beautiful, portable, and not occupying space

100W fast charging, continuous happiness, and continuous charging
Input power up to 100W (Max), charging while playing, speed up without getting too hot

Gigabit Ethernet port wired network is more stable
Connected to wired network, more stable than Wi Fi, and better gaming experience

Rich and user-friendly interfaces
Six major interfaces, PD power supply, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet port, USB3.0, etc

Ventilation and heat dissipation equipment are more stable
The design of ventilation and heat dissipation ports allows the motherboard to operate with ventilation, maintaining equipment stability at all times