Steam Deck Docking Station

Item No.: HB09S
4K HD/PD 100W/Unobstructed Heat Dissipation/Connect Keyboard and Mouse

Play as You Like
The Steam Deck Docking Station
with 4K HDMI, 100W Power Delivery and 2 USB interfaces. It connects the handle or keyboard and mouse. You can play as you want

Enjoy Game in Large Screen
Open TV mode, and large screen games will be more happy

4K HD Clear Game Picture
Open 4K and enjoy HD smooth 4K@60H experience

100W Fast Charging
Power up to 100W (Max), play while charging, speed up without heating

Dual USB Interfaces
2 USB interfaces can be connected to the keyboard, mouse or handle at the same time

Not Blocking Cooling Hole Better Heat Dissipation
Narrow back design does not block the steam deck cooling hole
Playing games for a long time does not get hot