Temporary Parking Card

Item No.: NP01
Temporary Parking Card, quickly change the number, easy and labor-saving
Quickly change the number, easy and labor-saving
Rolling design, 100 billion number combinations, when you change your mobile phone number or when your family and friends use the car, you can easily switch to the mobile phone number you need

Digital radium carving, not easy to fade
Each process has been strictly checked, and the number can be used for a long time without yellowing or fading

Magnetic suction design, easy integration
Neodymium magnet, close to automatic absorption, effectively prevents bumping and falling off during driving

Spin to hide, away from harassment
Instantly switch the display and hiding of numbers to avoid phone harassment

Reasonable angle design
Multiple angle adjustments for a more natural visual experience

Not afraid of sunshine and deformation
Alloy material, no deformation and degumming under high temperature, durable

Paste firmly without any trace
The base is equipped with 3M glue, emergency brake, deceleration, etc. will not fall off at all, and it will be firmly pasted, and no glue trace will be left when it is removed

Small and unobstructed
Small size, not occupying space in the car, not abrupt

High quality alloy material
Alloy material, not afraid of exposure to the sun, no oxidation, no deformation