USB C to HDMI Adapter for iPad Pro

Item No.: iPC01
4-in-1 USB-C Hub, including USB 3.0, AUX, PD power supply, HDMI, to meet your different needs
Four in one
4-in-1 USB-C Hub, including USB 3.0, AUX, PD power supply, HDMI, to meet your different needs

For iPad Pro
iPad Pro connection, external keyboard, large screen display, more convenient to use
* Because of Apple's restrictions, the iPad only supports reading pictures and videos, and does not support mouse connections for the time being.

Magnetically absorbed buckles are stronger
Attached closest buckle, iPad Pro can be used together, strong magnetic attraction, close to the fuselage, firm and not loose

Big screen office is more efficient
iPad Pro / laptop / mobile phone connected projector, picture synchronization, clear demonstration, office speech more efficient

Supporting 4K HD transmission
Supports 4K*2K resolution, presents better color picture, lets each detail display clearly.

One Port Realization of Charging and Transmission
Equipped with USB-C interface, charging + data transmission functions of two different attributes, one port can be achieved.

Charging + Listening to Songs
With 3.5mm audio interface, it can freely access headphones, audio and other audio playback equipment, charging and listening to songs without delay.

Standard USB 3.0 Interface
Standard USB 3.0 interface, can connect mouse, keyboard, U disk and other USB devices, large file fast transmission, transmission speed up to 5 Gbps

Supporting Dual Functions of Listening and Speaking
Headphones/microphones are integrated to solve the problem that IPDA pro/notebook/mobile phone can not voice, video calls and game voice are more convenient.
* Voice chat, but no call support

IPad Pro Become Power Bank
Connect the iPad pro with the mobile phone through Type-C. The iPad Pro transforms into a charging treasure to charge the mobile phone.

Alloy Shell Stronger
The shell is made of high-quality alloy material, compact and flexible, wear-resistant and durable, efficient heat dissipation, strong oxidation resistance.