Type-c docking station

Item No.: MC2S/MC2L
Modular design, easy to use in combination/disassembly

Multi-port expansion
The interface is rich, you can expand as much as you want. Get rid of the trouble of a single interface, meet the use of multiple devices at the same time, and solve various office problems.

Modular design, easy to use in combination/disassembly
Split can be used by two devices. The mobile phone is on the same screen to the big screen, and supports 4K video transmission; expand iPad Pro, easy office work.

Comes with magnetic gasket, fits both with and without shell
Powerful magnetic gasket, easy to separate. With or without shell, it can fit tightly.
*Support protective shells with a thickness of less than 2mm. To

Quickly read and write TF/SD card, connect the mouse to USB3.0
TF/SD dual card slot, quickly export pictures, support dual card reading and writing at the same time. The USB3.0 interface makes it more convenient to connect a mouse or other equipment.

Alloy material, fast heat dissipation
The aluminum alloy shell with similar process to MacBook Pro is used to easily dissipate heat without getting hot.