USB4 Type-C Cable

Item No.: UC4W/UC4Z
40Gbps 240W 8K/60Hz Graphene Full Function Cable
240W fast charging PD3.1 standard
Supports 48V/5A PD3.1 charging, downward compatible with PD3.0/PD2.0

8K/60Hz high-definition video transmission
Mobile phones, computers, game consoles, and other devices that support the DisplayPort (DP) protocol for high-definition video transmission

40Gbps data transfer, transferring large files in seconds
The transmission speed can reach 40Gbps, making it easy to transmit without waiting, meeting the needs of high-performance devices

Bend design game not blocking hands
90 ° elbow design, unobstructed operation, providing you with a more comfortable grip

The woven thread body is firm and wear-resistant
High density cross weaving, strong toughness, tensile strength, anti entanglement

Smart chip fast charging does not harm the device
Equipped with E-Marker chip, intelligent recognition of fast charging devices, reasonable control of current and voltage changes, and safe fast charging

Soft and anti-interference graphene shielding layer
Graphene, as a superconducting material, is known as "black gold". It has better conductivity, softness, and strong electromagnetic shielding properties