USB-C to HDMI VGA Adapter with PD Power Supply

Item No.: CHV2PD
With PD power supply port, high power transmission, safer and more efficient power supply for your computer, Playing games won't run out of electricity
Dual interface simultaneous connection
HDMI/VGA two interfaces, can use one of them, can also connect output at the same time, meeting, video teaching need not worry about the screen is not enough.
* When HDMI and VGA output at the same time, the resolution is less than 1080P.

Connect laptop to large screen TV
HDMI/VGA interface connects large-screen TV, instantly experience high-definition large-screen visual feast, watch TV and play games more enjoyable

Laptop Connect Projector
Laptop connected projector, picture synchronization, large screen clear demonstration, good assistant for business office, office speech more efficient

4K Picture Real and Clear
4K*2K high-definition picture quality output, transferred to high-definition large screen, audio and video synchronous transmission, vivid picture quality, instantly enjoy the cinema-level experience
* The output resolution of VGA interface is 1080P only supported by HDMI interface.

Mobile phone transformed into computer
Supporting Huawei's mobile phone computer mode, mobile phone changing into computer host, mobile screen changing into touch panel in computer mode, mobile office is so convenient.

Mirror mode
Big screen connection is more wonderful
Two screens display the same picture, big screen to watch movies, play games or conference speeches, the picture is clearly presented.

Extension mode
Chat and play are both right
Multitask split-screen display, while chatting via micro-mail, expanding the film to TV viewing, without switching windows back and forth, and without worrying that chat information will be displayed on the large screen to reveal privacy

Powerful Chip Plug and Play
Choose high-performance chip to ensure clear and smooth picture. Plug and Play can be played synchronously, convenient and fast.

High Efficiency Heat Dissipation of Alloy Material
It is made of aluminium alloy with high efficiency heat dissipation, wear resistance and oxidation resistance. It has shielding effect and coexistence of colour value and practicality.

Different needs and different choices
The alloy shell is delicate in texture and complements the laptop. Two designs to meet your different needs