USB-A to USB-C Adapter

Item No.: TUA01
Type-C Adapter, Fast Charging
Type-C Adapter
Fast charging, small connector, big change

Mobile phone charging, USB change to Type-C
USB can easily switch Type-C to solve the problem that the PD cable of Apple series mobile phones can not be directly plugged into the USB charger
*MagSafe wireless charger not supported

Headset charging, safe and fast
With lighting to Type-C data cable, charging for airpods is more convenient and safer

Car charging, easy and fast charging
The USB port of car charger is converted to Type-C to realize fast charging easily

Connect the computer and transfer files
With data cable, the computer can easily connect to mobile phone or iPad pro and other devices, and support downloading software and transferring files

Widely compatible, USB power bank
Connect the USB power bank with Type-C charging cable to charge the iPad pro, iPhone 11 / 12 and other devices, making travel more convenient

Alloy material
Alloy shell, wear-resistant and durable, rapid heat dissipation, low temperature throughout

Small and delicate
Small size, easy to carry