Item No.: BD207E
Multi-Port Expansion/PD 100W/4K@60Hz HD/Gigabit Networking/Split Port Exclusive Controls
Multi-Port Expansion Independent Switch
Support multiple interfaces at the same time, office expansion without worry, independent switch is more worrying.

PD/100W Full Speed Fast Charging
Support PD3.0 fast charging protocol, office/entertainment at the same time to charge the computer

4K/60Hz High Definition, Detailed and Realistic Picture Quality
Support 4K/60Hz, 2K/120Hz, 1080P/120Hz resolution to enjoy high-definition visual feast.

Gigabit network, faster and more stable network speed
Chasing dramas online, downloading large files, the speed of the network takes off to be smooth.

Individual control of each port for more stable transmission
Each interface has an independent switch, which is convenient to control the connected devices individually, and the interfaces do not interfere with each other.

Rich interfaces and easy to use
PD power supply, Gigabit Ethernet port, HDMI, USB-C, USB3.0, etc.

260mm long cable
Longer cable body design, notebook use height increase frame, connecting the docking station does not empty