USB C Hub with Second Screen

Item No.: X86
One Cable Connection And HDMI Dual Mode

One Cable Connection Mode

A single cable can simultaneously achieve sub screen display and interface expansion

Multiple docking stations meet various expansion needs
Rich interfaces, capable of connecting external devices such as keyboards, mice, USB drives, portable hard drives, mobile phones, and SD/TF flash cards

Mini second screen 3.5-inch IPS screen
The IPS screen has a wider viewing angle, up to 178 °, providing accurate color presentation from different angles

Multiple second screen gameplay waiting for you to unlock
Dynamic wallpapers, time/weather/dynamic wallpapers, electronic photo albums, rotating your album, video playback, watching TV shows/movies, floating lyrics, computer performance monitoring, etc

Paired with silicone cushion
Two height options, with an angle that can be raised by approximately 5 degrees

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