USB-C Magnetic Hub

Item No.: MC1S/MC1L
Magnetic modular USB-C Hub, detachable / compatible with more devices
Magnetic suction, modular USB-C Hub
Split / compatible with more devices

Compression fit, one piece
Module combination is closely connected, more delicate and more beautiful! Integrated fit with MacBook Pro / air for stability

Modular design, easy to combine / divide
After splitting, it can be connected to both sides of macbook pro or used alone. It can be used in multiple scenes and matched at will

One thing and two uses
Mobile phone / iPad Pro connection, split use, mobile phone connection with large screen, iPad Pro reading U disk, etc

Tight connection, magnetic snap groove design
Double fixation of magnetic suction + groove, closer combination

Multiple interfaces to expand
4K / 60Hz, HDMI HD smooth, support 4K resolution and 60Hz picture output, clearer and smoother

PD charging, faster and safer
Support 100W PD fast charging, save your time, use while charging

Gigabit network port, stable and not jammed
Network port with Gigabit network port, connected with wired network, low delay and smoother

Indispensable USB interface
Two standard USB3.0 interfaces, with transmission speed up to 5Gbps and 1g file transmission in 5 seconds

TF / SD dual card slot, can read and write at the same time
The card reader includes TF / SD dual card slot, which supports simultaneous reading and writing. 3.0 high speed can reach 5Gbps

Alloy material, fast heat dissipation, no burning
All aluminum alloy shell, easy to export heat without burning