USB C to 3.5mm + USB C Converter

Item No.: CAS03
USB C audio adapter solves the problem of single hole embarrassment and can listen to songs while charging
27W PD fast charging, charging and listening
Type-C audio adapter solves single hole embarrassment

Comfortable listening to music and charging
PD fast charging and headphone listening simultaneously

27W PD quick charging and playing
Play while charging, no power down trouble, no longer pit teammates
*Fast charging adapter is not supported, which will power down when in use

Elbow design does not block hands
Straight head design block hand block play game

Clear voice call without jamming
Clear voice call without delay, chat with friends and family

It's more convenient to switch songs by wire control
Support remote song cutting, volume adjustment, no need to unlock the phone

Accessible bank key
It can receive the bank's certified key, making the transfer more convenient

High definition sound quality of original sound transfer
24bit / 96KHz high-definition sampling rate, with DAC dual channel power amplifier to upgrade the original sound quality, high-definition sound quality, easy to enjoy

Stepped opening design without top shell
Ladder interface design, can be used without removing the protective cover

Ladder without top shell
Stepless top shell

Matte aluminum
The shell is restrained and atmospheric, resistant to oxidation and corrosion

Plug and play is convenient and fast
Plug in the mobile phone, connect the headset to transmit sound, support 27W high power and fast charging

Small and portable
The elbow is not afraid to lose

Widely compatible with many USB C devices