USB-C to DisplayPort Adapter

Item No.: UCD02
DP1.4 | High Refresh | HD Image Quality | Dynamic HDR
Plug and Play without Driver Required
External DP cable, simple and easy to connect

DP1.4 Technical Full Performance
Compared to DP1.2, DP1.4 incorporates display compression streaming function, supporting higher resolution and refresh frequency under the same bandwidth conditions

240Hz Refresh Rate Fast and Smooth
Support high refresh rates of 4K/144Hz, 2K/165Hz, 1080P/240Hz, reduce motion blur, respond quickly, and enjoy gaming masterpieces to the fullest

8K Resolution with Fine Display
Supports 8K resolution transmission, with 4 times the clarity of 4K and higher display clarity

Alloy Shell Braided Body
The alloy shell conducts heat faster; High density woven body, strong and non winding