USB External Sound Card Sliver

Item No.: MA11
Dual-interface headphones/microphones are both available
Solve the problem of damage of original sound card
Expanding the new audio interface through USB to solve the problem of damage of original sound card without audio interface

PS4 External Speaker
Enhance sound effects and restore real game scenes

Computer External Headphones
Connecting with headphones, you can clearly hear the footsteps of multi-player and make the enemy nowhere to escape.

Computer External Speaker
Listen to the purity of the voice, release the true quality of the voice, and make the music more pleasant.

Noise Reduction Chip for Noise Filtering
Independent sound card chip, with sound quality noise reduction function, good transmission of sound to make sound clearer

Alloy Shell Stronger
Alloy material, wear-resistant and durable, good heat dissipation, strong anti-interference

Compatible with Multiple Devices
Supporting headphones, microphones, speakers and other sound source equipment

Compatible Multi-system
Compatible with mainstream operating system, driver-free, plug-and-play
For Windows Series Mac Os Linux

Small shape to carry with you
Simple design, compact shape, fashionable, no space, easy to carry

Double-port Plut in is not crowded
7.5mm reasonable spacing, no audio interface