USB to Dual HDMI Adapter

Item No.: UC0224
Compatible with M1 MacBook Pro/Air, Surface Pro/Go, Dual Monitor Display

Dual screen docking station
Usb3.0/usb-c dual interface, compatible with apple M1 chip computer multi screen expansion

Simultaneous use of multiple devices
Connect more screens for multiple docking stations
*The 2019 MacBook Pro can be connected to three docking stations to realize 6-screen display
*2020 M1 chip MacBook can be connected to two docking stations to realize 4-screen display

Multi port expansion
Solve office worries, HDMI * 2, USB2.0 * 3

Easily adapt to Apple M1 chip
Multi screen display of MacBook, mac mini, IMAC and other new models supporting M1 chip
*Ordinary docking station can not support multi screen display of M1 chip host

Dual interface, USB-C/USB-A
Two kinds of interface, to meet the computer / mobile phone / tablet and other devices

Mobile expansion, Cast and OTG
It supports mobile phone to connect large screen display, and can also connect USB flash disk, keyboard, mouse and other devices

Multi device support and multi system compatibility
Support laptop, desktop, mobile phone and other devices, compatible with Windows / Android / Mac OSX system
*Windows 7 or above, Mac OS 10.15 or above, Android 6.0 or above are applicable