USB to Dual HDMI Adapter

Item No.: DPL01
Compatible with M1/M2 chip Apple computer

Apple computer external multi-screen
It can support M1/M2 chip computer to connect multiple screens

Two-in-one interface
Type-C/USB interfaces meet the needs of various devices in daily life

4K high-definition picture is full of color
Support 4K/60Hz image quality, dual HDMI2.0 display to restore true color, audio and video transmission synchronization

3 modes to meet multiple needs
Mirror mode: Multi-screen collaboration to see the details.
Extended mode: multi-screen collaboration, efficient meeting.
Overlay mode: connect 2 products to expand 4 screens, and 3 products to expand 6 screens.
DisplayLink chip
Powercore helps to solve Apple's restrictions on M1/M2 chip external display

Wide compatibility
Support multiple systems and easily adapt to multiple operating systems