Vertical Laptop Stand

Item No.: ZLS02
Gravity locking, Clean storage, Ventilation and heat dissipation, Stability , Wide compatibility, Minimalist design

Easy release and automatic locking
There is no need to adjust. The gravity drop drives both sides to automatically clamp

Stabilize the bottom and increase it
The contact area at the bottom is increased, stable and not shaking

Ventilation and heat dissipation of bottom air outlet
The air outlet at the bottom increases air circulation and allows the notebook to breathe freely

Turn the host into a second
Laptop is connected to the display and the host is changed in seconds to improve the use space of the desktop

Organize the storage desk
Mobile phones, pens, books, etc. can be placed on the side

Anti-slip design is stable
Protect the notebook from scratches while protecting the desktop

Silicone jacket for laptop protection
Different widths can be adjusted to prevent the notebook from slipping; Support foot silica gel prevents the bracket from sliding

Wide compatibility of vertical storage
Applicable to devices with thickness less than 3.5cm, laptops, tablets, books, etc