VGA to HDMI Cable

Item No.: VHC01
Converting VGA interface of desktop computer, laptop and all-in-one computer to output display, TV and projector with HDMI interface
Enjoy 1080p HD large screen experience
Support 1080p high-definition video signal transmission, smooth picture quality without frame dropping

Host connected display
The interface is not limited to solve the problem that the host has no HDMI interface

Laptop connection projector
Good assistant for business office, easy to talk about office meeting

Audio and video synchronization
Connect the audio line and VGA line at the same time to realize the synchronous playback of audio and video

Dual mode mirror / extended dual experience
Mirror mode - large screen with the same screen to watch movies / play games more clearly.
Extended mode - split screen operation, office and entertainment

More stable independent power supply
Solve the problems of ghosting and flashing caused by insufficient power supply