Wireless HDMI Video Transmitter

Item No.: G9W-TX
Low Latency Audio Video Synchronous Transmission
Description APP

Play everywhere from tablet to portable screen
After connecting the game console, you can play games as a portable screen, and support devices with HDMI output such as Switch, PS, and XBOX

The flat panel variable expansion screen is easy to work
After connecting the computer, the tablet can support the expansion or copy mode of the computer screen

Support iOS Android HarmonyOS
Dedicated customized APP, supporting mobile phones and tablets of Apple iPad, iPhone, Android and Harmony system

No router is required to directly connect device hotspots
Directly connect the device hotspot for screen projection, which is convenient and fast

Comfortable audio-visual experience
Low latency,  audio and video synchronous transmission, playing games with sound and comfort

Thermal design
Effective ventilation and heat dissipation
APP Download
Select the system of the device, scan the code or click the image to download the APP


Android / HarmonyOS